Tabanka @ Summersplash 2012

Panic, panic, panic, panic!


Earlier last week, Tabanka had the pleasure of  performing at this years Summersplash 2012, alongside other great artists, performers and dancers! The choreographies performed were:

  • Bombastic (Aliochy, Luciano, Joel)
  • Tik Tok  (Aliochy, Luciano, Joel)
  • Rock the Boat (Camille, Mercy, Pearl, Amie, Nicole)
  • Fast Talking, Slow Listening (Amie, Luciano)
  • President (Amie, Luciano, Mercy, Pearl, Camille, Joel)
  • Panic  (Amie, Luciano, Mercy, Pearl, Camille, Joel, Nicole)

We most definitely had a blast performing for everybody who came out to RÃ¥dhusplassen that day and supported, cheered, screamed, applauded and came up to us and gave us a whoooole lotta love! Summerplash has always been good to us,s/o to X-Ray and everybody who volunteers each year and makes this event happen! We can’t wait for Summersplash 2013!

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