Position 1: Low Akimbo / Akimbo Lele

  • Stand with your feet apart, either in a low stance (low akimbo) or even lower(akimbo lele).
  • Place your arms by your hips.
  • Focus on gathering energy beneath your pelvis.

Perform 7 slow undulations in this position, allowing the energy to accumulate and intensify with each undulation.

Position 2: Arms in Front of Solar Plexus

  • Lift your arms to a position in front of your solar plexus (the area just above your stomach).
  • Allow the energy you’ve gathered to flow into your stomach and navel area.

Perform 7 undulations again, maintaining a slow pace and taking deep breaths as you move.

Position 3: Arms Opening Up

  • Extend your arms outward from the front of your solar plexus.
  • Visualize the energy expanding and flowing into your extremities.

While doing 7 undulations, let the energy circulate counterclockwise within your belly, flowing through your heart, and then out into your arms.

Position 4: Arms Above Head

  • Lift your arms above your head.
  • Visualize the energy flowing upward, reaching your head.

Perform 7 undulations with your arms in this position, allowing the energy to move freely and cleanse as it rises.

Position 8: Arms Down Behind Hips

  • Lower your arms below your hips and towards the back of your body.
  • Allow the energy to flow downward and ground into the earth.

As you undulate 7 times in this position, visualize the energy completing a full cycle from your feet to your crown and then back down again.

The revised sequence emphasizes the specific positions you’ve mentioned, and the corresponding movements and visualizations to facilitate the flow of energy through different parts of the body. Remember to move slowly, breathe deeply, and maintain your focus on the energy movement throughout the practice.