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Tabanka Dance Ensemble
Nonnegt. 6A
0656 Oslo
Phone: +47 93808369
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Artistic Productions

Tabanka produces full evening artistic productions drawing from the rich African and African Diaspora Aesthetics.

Custom-made productions

Tabanka has over 10 years of experience customising performances for events, product launches, anniversaries and more.


Tabanka has perfect energizers for conferences, festivals, business meetings, school activities and more. These activate the audience as participating members and gets them moving.


Tabanka facilitates workshops in a range of dance styles and movement, as well as in use of social media, graphic design, racism, anti-discrimination, intersectionality, cultural appropriation, health, community cohesion, youthwork and multiculturality.


Tabanka has since its inception specialised on working with teenagers and youth. We use culture based method in reaching and empowering youth through social and cultural activity. Talent development, morals, ethics, empowerment and self reliance are key words in our community work.

Audience Development

Tabanka specialises in reaching a non- homogenic and diverse audience. We assist organisations, events and stages in their work with audience development. Contact us for more info


Tabanka delivers the most qualified instructors within "African" and African Diaspora dance styles and genres. Want to know where we teach? See "classes", for inquiries about instructors, classes in your organisation etc, please contact us.


Tabanka tours with both our artistic productions, public speaking, youth-work, and master classes in the Talawa Technique. Please contact us for more info.

Talawa Technique

The Talawa Technique for African Aesthetic movement is fully codified and has ben taught in 41 countries. We arrange masterclasses and introduction classes. Contact us for more info.



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