KinoWeaving the Now is a concept that seamlessly marries kinesthetic, or movement-driven experiences (“Kino-“), with the act of weaving.


KinoWeaving the Now (Prestø) emphasizes the convergence of movement and the present. Performers not only dance but dynamically weave their kinetics into the fabric of the immediate environment and audience pulse.


In the heart of the African Bantabas, where the rhythm of the earth meets the pulse of its people, an intricate dance unfolds. Here, the boundary between the performer and the audience blurs. Money is tossed, chants rise, claps resonate, and every shout or whisper becomes a part of the kinetic tapestry. Such a vibrant setting offers a lucid exemplification of the concept: KinoWeaving the Now.


KinoWeaving the Now is a philosophy that accentuates the profound convergence of movement and the immediate present within varied performance settings. At its core, it is about the performer’s ability to dynamically interlace their movements with the tangible and intangible elements of their surroundings. It’s a living dialogue between the artist and the environment, rooted in the moment, deeply reactive, and profoundly immersive.


The symbiotic relationship with the audience, central to KinoWeaving, shifts the latter from passive spectators to active participants in the kinetic narrative. As the performer dances, the audience’s energy, whether in the form of vocal encouragements, rhythmic claps, or spontaneous contributions like coins, fuses into the performance. This dynamic synchronization creates an evolving, shared kinetic story that is as unpredictable as it is captivating.


Beyond this tactile interaction lies the performer’s nuanced relationship with music and sound. In the realm of KinoWeaving, music isn’t a mere backdrop; it’s a living entity. Every note, every beat becomes embodied, turning the performance into a visceral symphony where melodies are not just heard but felt and expressed. The honk of a car, the distant laughter, or even the rustling of leaves are not interruptions but rather improvisational cues. They are woven into the fabric of the performance, enriching it with layers of spontaneity and authenticity.


This philosophy also gives prominence to the performer’s spatial sensibility. Every venue, whether a bustling street corner, an intimate room, or the sacred expanse of Bantabas, holds its own kinetic aura. The performer, acutely attuned, senses and navigates through this aura. Each space’s distinct attributes and its kinetic memories become both a canvas and a collaborator, aiding and shaping the performer’s movements.


KinoWeaving the Now thrives in its embrace of the unpredictable. Every gesture, every leap, every pause is a genuine reaction to the present elements. The dancer’s body becomes a conduit, perceiving the intricacies of the now, absorbing them, and then channeling these perceptions back into the environment in a continuous loop of kinetic dialogue.


KinoWeaving the Now represents a radical yet organic evolution in the performance paradigm. Rooted in the age-old traditions of African Bantabas but expansive enough to encompass urban streets or any dynamic setting, this philosophy underscores the performer’s ability to remain rooted in the present, weaving each moment’s energy into an unforgettable dance narrative. It’s where every external stimulus is an invitation, and every response is a dance step, making the entire world a stage.


Lecture notes:

  • Audience Resonance: Central to KinoWeaving is the symbiotic relationship between the performer and the audience. The performer dynamically syncs with the collective energy, evolving audience members from passive spectators to dynamic participants in the kinetic story.

  • Auditory Kinetics: Beyond the mere melody and rhythm is the performer’s kinesthetic interaction with music. This kinetic connection forges a dance of synergy where music transcends being just an auditory experience; it becomes felt and lived.

  • Spatial Sensibility: This captures the performer’s physical relationship with the environment. The space, with its distinct attributes, morphs into both a backdrop and collaborator in the kinetic ballet of KinoWeaving.

  • Echoes of the Past: Each space retains its kinetic history. Sensing these age-old vibrations, the performer intertwines with these energies, curating a performance with multiple layers.

  • Momentary Immersion: Every nuance of the current moment, from the background noises to the prevalent ambiance, augments the performance. With acute sensitivity, the performer ensures every movement aligns seamlessly with the present instant.

  • Kinetic Spontaneity: The crux of KinoWeaving rests in its unpredictability. Every motion is a natural reaction to the present elements, rendering each performance uniquely unparalleled.

  • Tempo Intuition: This surpasses mere rhythmic adherence. It’s about harmonizing with the present’s pulse, sculpting motions that resonate with the current mood.

  • Dynamic Dialogue: This embodies the ongoing energy exchange between the performer, the space, and the audience. This kinetic conversation infuses life into the performance, facilitating a perpetually evolving discourse.

  • Bodily Intuition: Within the realm of KinoWeaving, the body acts both as a detector and an articulator. It grasps the present’s intricacies and channels them into movement, making sure every act is an authentic reflection of the now.

  • Extended Embodiment: Performers extend beyond merely occupying a space; they metamorphose it. By radiating their kinetic energy, they intertwine with diverse stories, manifesting a vivid and layered performance tableau.

KinoWeaving the Now elevates beyond traditional performance frameworks. It magnifies a performer’s ability to root themselves in the now, adeptly braiding kinetic energy with their immediate surroundings. The result is a fleeting yet unforgettable encounter that etches itself into memory.