Tabanka + gloMinerals = <3

Tabanka are proud to introduce to you the make-up moguls gloMinerals who have chosen to sponsor our show at the Opera! They have amazing products – and most imporant for us: they ahve wonderful make-up for dark skin. They have a wide range of shades – everything from Natural Fair to Cocoa Dark. We have used their make-up prior to being sponsored and have always been very satisfied with the results. It covers, is true to it|s shade and gives a wonderful, natural glow. It’s like you’re not even wearing make-up at all!

This is what gloMinerals write about their products on their international website:

«We are a dedicated to providing our customers with what we call revealing beauty. Our cosmetics are award-winning mineral formulations that nurture, protect and heal the skin while providing flawless coverage and fabulous color palettes. We use only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and are entirely talc-free. Our skincare products are advanced formulations that work systematically to support skin health and treat skin concerns. Our full range of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums and specialty treatment formulations are based on established research and cutting-edge science. Our hair care collection upholds the same integrity of ingredients and performance that our makeup and skin care collections do. All three of our lines are uniquely formulated for skin care and beauty professionals and their clients»




Could not have agreed more!
We have been sponsored with their pressed base foundation powder, brushes (eyes and face), primer, make-up remover among other things ans cannot wait for you to see our glowing skin covered in this products in our upcoming show! CLICK ON THEIR LOGO BELOW TO GET TO THEIR WEBSITE!  #TEAMGLOMINERALS <3

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